Why Startups Need to Invest in Marketing

The life of an entrepreneur is never easy. Startup founders working in any industry be it towing service, fashion, tech, etc. are bringing their ideas to life daily. They will never have enough time and will find themselves juggling from one area to the next to have processes work according to their expectations. For a business to grow, it must make sales. One way of accelerating the process of generating revenue is through marketing.

If you are running a startup, here are some of the reasons you need to invest in marketing.

More than email Marketing

Marketing is more than just a clever email marketing campaign or running ads on social media. It is a discipline that should be part of any startup’s process. A startup doesn’t have to establish itself just by building a great product. However, it can achieve its mission and vision by having an inclusive and aggressive marketing strategy and having its products and services at the reach of all potential prospects.

Marketing is more than ideas

You can have the best idea in the world, but if you fail to couple your strategy in a story that you can share with your audience, no one will know what you stand for. You can seek the help of an agency that you can partner with to help spread your story. Ensure the agency you choose to help you can both believe in your story and also have strategic insights to help spread the story to the world.

Get marketing from the word go

You should never think of marketing to be an expensive affair that should be avoided. If you start to establish your startup without marketing, you will struggle a lot. Marketing should be the highest ROI toolset in the arsenals of a startup. You will never have any place to find market validation, critical early feedback, and organizing your distribution channels than through streamlining your marketing operations.

Establishing a Strong Brand

Marketing helps startups to establish a strong brand, and that is one of the best investments a startup can make. Smart marketing can work wonders in legitimizing a new company and creating much-needed excitement and engagements with clients. No one knows you yet, so it’s important to ensure you get people who care enough about what you offer.

Customer Acquisition

Without marketing, no startup can acquire new customers and convert them into potential clients. Customer acquisition is what allows a startup to get established and grow into a mature company. You can do marketing internally without having to hire an agency to carry out expensive processes for you.

You should always be marketing even before you finish developing a product. You don’t necessarily have to launch an incomplete product to the market, but to make the launch a little bit easier, you can entice your prospects with what’s coming up. With time, as you grow, you can now consider outsourcing marketing processes to an agency that can accelerate your rate of growth.


Sure ways to Increase Your Market Share

As a business, be it you are involved in simple carpet cleaning or complex eCommerce, knowing your market share tells you how you rank against your competition. For you to grow, you must increase your market share. When we talk about raising your market share, we are talking about making informed marketing decisions that help in contributing to the overall sales and customer retention.

Market Share

Increasing market share entails increasing the efforts you put into sales as a business, and making use of new and additional strategies to help you get there. Market share refers to the percentage of total sales in an industry that is generated by a particular company. Market share is calculated by taking the company’s sales over a certain period and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period as well.

Essentially, market share is how much you make as a company in the industry, and how it stacks up against others. To increase your market share, you must make more sales than your competitors and increase your share in the industry you are involved with. This is much easier said than done, but to do it, here’s what you can do.

Find your niche and stick to it.

Your company needs to have a few characteristics that set it apart from the rest in the pack. You need to have a distinguished brand characteristic that enables people to more easily identify your company’s products across a line of similar-looking products. If your company can create a recognized brand identity, while at the same time producing higher quality products and services than the competition, you stand to increase your market share.


Innovations are very important if you want to stay current in your industry and increase your market share. While some design elements such as log remain the same, you must be able to make system upgrades from time to time, on the products you have on the market. As society continues to grow, you want to delight your customers with new products and give them a reason to continue using your products.

Engage with customers

Customers already know what they want and so, one way to reward them is to ask them questions on what they need. You need to come up with a carefully crafted survey that you can send to your loyal customers with questions about design, features, and updates they would want on the next product. Engaging with your customers makes them feel very much appreciated and valued, and you recognize them as a valuable contribution to your company.

Continue to delight your customers

You need to go above and beyond to create loyal customers and do more to ensure they are always delighted. There are bare minimum expectations your customers will have on you, and you must ensure those expectations are fully met. Additionally, to grow, you must think about acquisitions. You can increase market share by acquiring other small and rival companies and making them part of your process. You will need to be diligent and perform a lot of research to identify the best mergers which would give you the maximum force.


Benefits of Educating Prospects with Free Content

The main goal of any business such as towing service or any other is to present prospects and customers with solutions they need, in exchange to making profits. Sometimes, your prospects may not be able to purchase from you because they are not aware of what you offer. It is your duty to ensure you educate them on what you offer. One of the best ways to ensure your prospects and customers understand what you offer is through educating them with free content. Offering free content to your target audience and prospective customers can help in pushing the products and services you sell.

Here are the benefits of educating prospects with free content.

Building trust

Free content is great at building trust. Using free whether in the form of blog articles, eBooks, videos or webinars can do wonders in boosting brand trust and credibility. Quality content also shows prospective customers that your business is a thought leader in your industry. This will translate into initial trust for your products and services. Additionally, if the content you are creating is educations, it helps your prospects learn something new and in some way, it can solve their problems.

Creating prospects

Free content helps in creating prospects and turning customers into evangelists for your business. If prospects and customers find value in your content, you could end up with very powerful content evangelist. These will be people sharing and promoting your content on your behalf. It can be very beneficial because it helps in expanding the reach of your content and generating brand awareness that go beyond your direct network. Happy customers are also known to be best advocates. They have first-hand experience with your brand and consumers have a tendency of trusting each other more.

Driving traffic

Free content does wonders in driving traffic. Creating content presents a fantastic way to get found online and increases the chances of traffic you can get to your site. You can drive traffic to your site through methods such as SEO and ranking on relevant keywords, but offering free content on your site will increase the chances of getting high organic traffic. Additionally, promoting content on social media will increase your referral traffic as compared to using expensive methods of paid marketing.

Providing qualified leads

Free traffic provides qualified leads. This is a huge benefit of free content, especially if is is quite educational. The more prospects who read your content, the smarter they become about your business on what you offer, and it becomes easier for them to do business with you. The better you educate them, the more qualified they become as leads and the easier they become to convert.

Additionally, you need to understand free content makes for happier customers. When your content is effective at communicating and educating customers about what problems your products and services can solve, they develop better expectations as customers, and this is what makes them happier. Rather than blindly purchasing from you, they will now fully understand what you offer.